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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back after a break

It took a long time, but I am finally getting back to some more model railroading with my favorite Lenz O scale layout. I finished a few projects, among them is ballasting the layout, including painting the side of the rails and then the ties and then overspraying the lot with flat black to "weather it all". It has taken more time then I thought, but now I am back.
First thing to finish was the lime hopper car.
This is the box with all the bits and pieces, the finished model fits back in to the same box for storage and safe keeping.
After tinkering with it for more then four months it is done. The most difficult part was the decals. They are of a kind that is new to me. First you soak them in warm water, then apply as per usual. Then, and this is the difference, you use a hair dryer and blow on them, after the decals have set for 10 Min. Then the decal film can be carefully, very carefully peeled off. Results are better then normal decals and look like printed on. German engineering and know how!
My next project will be a water colum. I also have put lights in the station,and the results are great.

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